Goat, Sheep, and Camelid Care

AVC provides preventative health care, deworming, health certificates, general medical and emergency care for our 2-toed hooved animals.



Internal Medicine 

Whether you have a foal or an aged horse, we can provide medical diagnosis and treatment along with preventative care for them.  We offer full diagnostic blood labs, such as EPA testing (coggins), testings for endocrine diseases, EPM and more. 

Our facility also provides routine surgeries and hospitalization. Being a horse owner, you know that emergencies happen. From colic to lacerations our doctors are here for you and your horse.​​

Equine Chiropractic 

Dr. Autumn Gillespie and Dr. Linda Harmon are both certified in VSMT (Veterinary Spinal Manipulation Therapy) also known as chiropractics for our equine patients. VSMT can help with a variety issues such as being "cinchy", decline in performance, and much more.​​

Equine Reproduction 

With our large 10 stall barn and semen lab we offer many reproductive equine services such as breeding soundness evaluation of mares and stallions, semen evaluation, semen freezing and shipping, artificial insemination, pregnancy diagnosis via ultrasound, embryo transfer, obstetrics and foaling management.​​

Large Animal Services

Equine Dentistry 

It is recommend that horses have an oral examination performed bi-annually to both maintain dental occlusion and to diagnose and treat dental disease before more serious problems occur.  To safely perform a thorough oral examination, sedation and an oral speculum restraint is recommended. Our doctors can perform dentistry (floating) either at our hospital or at your farm.

Equine Lameness Evaluation and Pre-purchase Exams

​​We perform lameness evaluation, diagnosis, and treatments. This can include procedures such as diagnostic nerve blocks, ultrasound, and radiography (x-rays) to help diagnose the cause of the lameness. Some of our treatment options include joint injections, PRP (platlet rich plasma) and OsPhos injections.

We also provide pre-purchase examinations for those working on acquiring their next horse.